Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beginning the Market Bench project

BIG NEWS!! I'm a first year undergrad student at Applied Art in Crawford College of Art and Design as of this week! Wooo!! As a result i've bid a sad goodbye to DEIS. I've had a good 5 years here and have great colleagues. I'm really excited, also scared about money but mainly really excited.

We started our first ceramics project yesterday. Making a bench based on the theme of market. I got myself down to the fine English Market and took some snaps. I was thinking of doing a ridiculous / hilarious tacky bench commemorating the Queen's visit, covering it with fish motifs in reference to that brilliant photo, in the style of the typical ridiculous / hilarious tacky ceramic monarchy memorabilia! I've kind of gone from that idea now though, instead i'm thinking of making a giant chilli bench, bright, colourful, and I love chillies, is that enough of a reason?! Art college: you tell me! I was at Electric Picnic earlier this month and they had this great art piece in the Body and Soul, a giant table & chairs, it creates a lovely surrealness sitting on something that makes you feel tiny, so I guess that's what i'm going for with this chilli! I'm also thinking of the fab Mae West couch created by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali.

Here are some of my pictures from today, I love the market!

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