Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lucio Fontana Sculpture

We're on our final project for college (shock! fastest year ever!) and we wrote our own brief this time, mine goes like ....

I will produce a series of experiments based on the notion of function.  I will use the vertical vase form to explore the perceptual boundary between functional and non-functional objects. 

I will produce a series of vases which all show interventions that could be perceived as damage by the user.  The vases will retain their functionality as defined by their ability to hold liquid, but the perception of their functionality will be visually compromised by the “damage” interventions.

I'm working away at that at the moment and in the process being more drawn to  Lucio Fontana's sculpture.  His concept of "Spatialism" can be summed up as... "the principle that in our age matter should be transformed into energy in order to invade space in a dynamic form. "  I find the work really interesting and beautiful and while I am focusing on damage and the contextual, subjective nature of functionality, Fontana's work is really speaking to me at the moment!

These images via Temple Of Light, Curated Object, Veezzle, Find Art InfoAdrianna Sasson, Ben Brown Fine Arts,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Johnny Burger Pimp!

The mysterious Johnny Burger Pimp mailed me today having seen an earlier blog post on his work. He included some more images of his work, it's all sooo good!! All hand-drawn "using acrylic ink with brushes and a quill" - a quill!! Deadly. The work has an almost frantic energy and is very bleak and dark at times. Feast your eyes here!

Life Drawing

I've been a bit slack on the blog posts recently, having the busiest Easter ever! A lot of freelance work going on, plus i'm just back from 3 days in Dublin working with artist Linda Quinlan on her video for an upcoming show in Geneva. Hopefully i'll be able to put up some screen shots of that soon plus some background info. I've gotten hardly any college work done! Aaah!!

This is a recent image from college, I just started my life drawing subsidiary. Very enjoyable though also quite a struggle!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Forbidden Fruit 2012

I'm working away on the graphics for Forbidden Fruit 2012. It was one of my favourite jobs last year and is again this year! There's loads of scope for creativity in it. At POD's request I developed a set of ads similar to last years style and a set of ads in a new style, but keeping the same psychedelic element.

POD just contacted me to let me know that the above ad has been nominated for the NNI Press Ad of the Month for March! Fingers crossed!

And here's the other ad currently running....