Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camille Rose Garcia

I love these colourful, imaginative works by Camille Rose Garcia, they have a definite Gary Baseman / Tim Burton feel about them, totally surreal, with distinctly dark edge and a sexual undercurrent.

I came across this great interview with her here, it seems very honest and gives a good account of her artistic path.  Check out her blog as well for insights into her process and approach.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Brief Exchange - A First Cut

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted when a friend of mine, Noeleen Doheny, approached me to participate in an upcoming graphic design and illustration exhibition she's organising.

The idea behind the exhibition is "a brief exchange".  23 designers and illustrators were randomly assigned briefs written by the other designers / illustrators in the group.  Mine was based on "Nature vs Nurture".  I started off by doing a bit of research into the phrase, where it came from and what it's been used for, pretty unpleasant reading for the most part! After a few sketches I came up with a concept of basing it on an artists impression of DNA. I chose to focus on female bodies and foetuses as these are both often reduced to products or delivery mechanisms in the darker side of the nature vs nurture debate.

Here's where I am at the moment on it.  It's a mix of photography, drawing and photoshop painting.  It's still pretty rough but i'll hopefully get a chance to clean it up a bit before taking the wedding-hiatus!