Saturday, September 15, 2012

Curriculum Studies - Painting

A fairly ropey still life painting I did as part of the Curriculum Studies module of the H. Dip for art and design teachers. We did this over the course of two afternoons (including the compositional sketches i've included here). We had to use poster paint (ick!) which is what the pupils use in school. This process really gave me an appreciation for what the pupils are up against. Working in an 80 minute art class is a really disjointed way of completing an ambitious still life painting. When I paint, I use acrylic and oils, give myself a nice permanent set up with an easel and work away at it for days at a time. It's a lot tougher working with poster paints on a table surface and under a tight time constraint.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Brief Exchange Exhibitors Gathering

The Brief Exchange Exhibitors Gathering happened Saturday 11th of August in Cork School of Music.  It was so interesting to see the other participants work, everyone's responses were so different. There was lots of artwork and design there that I found really beautiful and inspiring and i'm so delighted to have taken part (more about my piece here.)

The curator, Noeleen Doheny, did a really great job, the space looked wonderful and the standard was very high. It was also a very relaxed and friendly event, which is always lovely!

Brief Exchange travels to Dublin next, it's taking place for one week at the Exchange gallery from September 22nd.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I know i've been neglecting the blog recently, it's been a pretty busy summer and for the next 9 months i'm doing a H. Dip in art and design so it's going to be HECTIC.

I'm going to have to start keeping a professional teaching blog as part of the course pretty soon so i've a feeling my personal blog may be even more neglected... :(. The course is already really busy and i'm finding reasons to love Pinterest EVEN MORE! It's so great for pinning images relating to classwork. I'm teaching drawing at the moment and it's really handy for putting together and keeping track of visual aids. I'm teaching perspective next week, where to start?! A friend suggested here.