Friday, September 30, 2011

Drawing 101

We had the first week of Drawing 101 in college this week, 3 full days of drawing! Delighted! Extremely intensive though, absolutely exhausting, standing at your easel concentrating for the best part of 7 hours. Here's some of my work, observational drawings on garlic. When I started on Wednesday morning that 2B pencil was full-length, looks like i'm heavy on the pencils!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

London / Brighton, Summer 2011

Some photos up on my flickr of my trips to London and Brighton this summer, that's the nicest "bicycles will be removed" sign i've ever seen! Incidentally the photo of Alexandra Palace was taken at the I'll Be Your Mirror show. We just went for the Sunday and it was AMAZING, incredible venue, God Speed You! Black Emperor and Portishead blew me away, God Speed You! had some great visuals as well, their whole set was incredibly integrated into one mind-blowing piece. Great buzz in the Rose Garden that day too!

It was my first time being to Brighton, such a great spot as well! We basically ate ourselves almost unconscious at Terre a Terre (twice!), Food for Friends, Jamie's Italian and not forgetting the incredible breakfast at possibly the best B&B i've ever been to (bar Anngrove Lodge of course!), The Twenty One.

I love London! And Brighton!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Culture Night 2011

Another great Culture night in Cork last Friday night! We strolled around to the Wandesford Gallery, the Backwater Artists, Christchurch at the Triskel, the English Market and Camden Palace.

There was a great atmosphere everywhere we went, it's really heartening to see the number of people who come out and engage with the various shows and events around town, there's a great sense of community. Camden Palace was rocking as usual! Loads of music, art installations and people having a good time. The dogs were also back again en masse, this time for sale.

The photos featured here are all from Camden Palace, unfortunately i'm not sure who the artists are!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Not Pop

A while back I previewed EP artwork for Cork band Slow Motion Heroes' upcoming new EP, Not Pop. The lads released the artwork on Facebook this week so now I can show the full thing here! Not Pop is the follow on EP from Pop, the idea was to create two very contrasting EPs in terms of musical style, I was contracted to do art work for both so I tried to reflect this in what I produced. Looking forward to the Not Pop release on Oct 8th in Bradleys on Barrack St and seeing the work in print!

You can download the EP from here, strongly recommended, it's fantastic!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Market Bench Project Pt 1.

I made my first market bench maquette! Based on a chilli, it's made from recycled clay so unfortunately we won't be firing it. Can't wait to paint it!

We're all making a number of benches, my second bench is based on fish fillets, hopefully not obvious from ground level but very apparent in an aerial view. I'm thinking of Jean Jullien's work here! In the New Year we'll pick one bench from all of our designs to make.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beginning the Market Bench project

BIG NEWS!! I'm a first year undergrad student at Applied Art in Crawford College of Art and Design as of this week! Wooo!! As a result i've bid a sad goodbye to DEIS. I've had a good 5 years here and have great colleagues. I'm really excited, also scared about money but mainly really excited.

We started our first ceramics project yesterday. Making a bench based on the theme of market. I got myself down to the fine English Market and took some snaps. I was thinking of doing a ridiculous / hilarious tacky bench commemorating the Queen's visit, covering it with fish motifs in reference to that brilliant photo, in the style of the typical ridiculous / hilarious tacky ceramic monarchy memorabilia! I've kind of gone from that idea now though, instead i'm thinking of making a giant chilli bench, bright, colourful, and I love chillies, is that enough of a reason?! Art college: you tell me! I was at Electric Picnic earlier this month and they had this great art piece in the Body and Soul, a giant table & chairs, it creates a lovely surrealness sitting on something that makes you feel tiny, so I guess that's what i'm going for with this chilli! I'm also thinking of the fab Mae West couch created by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali.

Here are some of my pictures from today, I love the market!