Friday, June 20, 2014

Suadela + Torcán

I finalised the Suadela & Torcán poster, you can see some of the prep here, i'm quite happy with it and had fun making it!

And the theme tune for today....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Prep for lino

This is based on a photo taken by my lovely friend, artist & fellow art teacher, Natasha Edmondson. I'm planning on turning it into a lino triptych print, that was meant to happen this week but I got sidetracked with the Suadela poster. It WILL happen though!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Officially my new favourite thing to draw! These are preliminary sketches and (really) rough thumbnails for a poster for Suadela bellydance. I took reference photos from the Suadela site.

And the perfect tune to go with all of this...

And finally, shots of the ladies themselves... (all taken from their facebook)

Friday, June 13, 2014


Slightly in love with this guys work. I've been admiring his skulls and portraits around town for a good while now and was pleased to see one of his portraits of Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Camden Palace centre at Kfest a couple of weekends ago.

I presumed he was based in Cork but judging from his Flickr he works in some other cities too. His Facebook is also here if you want to take a look.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Na hOibreacha, Crawford 2014

I finally got a chance to call into the 4th year show in Crawford today. Some beautiful work as always, here are some of my highlights...

Constance Roberts

Femke Vandenburg

Helen Stringer

Maria Elizabeth Muller-Took

Melanie Mook

Maria Catherine O'Sullivan

Beautiful Hooping!

I was treated to some amazing impromptu LED hooping last night, yet another thing I really want to learn! Plus I got to try out my FAB new camera, a Canon Powershot SX270 HS. This was perfect for testing aperture and shutter speed settings.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kfest 2014!

Camden Palace


Niamh Leonard

Lorraine McDonnell

Nan McSweeney

Daniel Ryan

I was at KFest last weekend, a music and arts festival in Killorglin. It was my first time going there and I was so impressed with it! I was there because my friends in the fab Suadela bellydance troup were performing and I was blown away by the amount of amazing art and music everywhere. The organisers did an unbelievable job of commandeering abandoned spaces around Killorglin and filling them with art. The town itself seemed to respond really well and all ages were out & about enjoying the great atmosphere, art and music. Camden Palace seemed to be at the heart of things, hosting one of the most vibrant and welcoming spots there. I was just there on the Sunday and managed to catch some great music as well in the form of the Non Toxic Orchestra, danced my socks off!

I've a few pics here, my crappy camera phone really doesn't do the work justice, but i've just bought a new Canon powershot so hopefully there'll be some good pics coming soon! Niamh Leonard and Lorraine McDonnell have an upcoming show in Camden Palace, opening 27th June at 7pm, and the Non Toxic Orchestra are playing at it, i'll be away but it'll be a great evening!