Monday, September 27, 2010

Culture night Cork, Camden Palace, The Dog Project

It was Culture night in Cork last Friday, i'd heard a bit about it from twitter and facebook but hadn't really planned on going along, until Camden Palace sent out an invite on facebook, their event looked great (as usual!). Myself and a friend (Shell) decided to go along. The timetable went something like this:

Time table for events:

6pm Introduction to Hacker Space Cork
8pm Capoeira performance
4-10pm Open studios
4-10pm Circus Sqare open for all with introductions to workshops
4-10pm Electric Underground Showcasce
For details check!/event.php?eid=149645435074539&ref=ts
4-10pm Make your own button badges!

4-10pm Dogs Dogs Dogs.An exhibition of the Dog project
6-7pm Free contemporary dance class with Inma Moya Pavon
7-7.20pm Poetry performance by Nuala Leonard
7.20-8pm Shape Note Singers talk and performance!/pages/Shape-note/108698082487372?ref=ts
8-10pm A Public sharing of the Re:Birth Project
Check out


I managed to catch some of the Electric Underground showcase (unreal! Photo above), re:birth and the Dog Project (photos above plus youtube video). I love the Dog Project, it's a simple idea, well executed, which never fails to bring smiles to faces! There's more info on the Dog Project on Facebook. I missed the Shape Note singers, who I heard were amazing, all in all another lovely evening in Camden Palace.

Myself and Shell also managed to hit up the Backwater Gallery, the English Market, the Crawford Gallery, Basement Space and the ESB substation that night. I was really inspired by the number of interesting and accessible events on around the city, I don't know if it's a result of a possible sliver lining to the recession but there seems to be a more and more diverse range of arts and music based events happening around town, all for free, perhaps these days people have more of their time to give. Whatever it is, it's definitely making our city a richer place to live!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Margaret Durow

I've been meaning to blog about Margaret Durow's photography ever since she was featured on my friend Lucia's blog.

Margaret Durow's photos are so beautiful, the really take my breath away, she's recently updated her site so you can check her out there and on her flickr.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More MWM

A while back I blogged about a number of deadly murals I came across on the web (not in real life, unfortunately!).

This music video based on MWM's murals is now doing the rounds online, it's gives a nice insight into the process behind huge undertakings such as these, as well as also being a very nice piece of stop-motion animation. I love watching the murals grow over the walls!

Read and see more here, at

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fabric Markers = New Hoodie!

I bought fabric markers at Vibes and Scribes a few weeks ago and am only just getting around to using them, fixing up this old hoodie, wohoo!

PS, That lovely countryside is the view from my family home in Carrigtwohill, relaxation station!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slow Motion Heroes

This is an illustration i've been working on for Cork band, Slow Motion Heroes. It's meant to be slightly retro sci-fi, I think it's slightly influenced by Mad Men, which i've been watching loads of and I LOVE! I went for retro due to the bands slightly nostalgic tone, and sci-fi cos "Slow Motion Heroes" made me think of the moon landing, again possibly an influence from Mad Men! I had a pretty solid idea for what kind of font I wanted to use so I drew one myself for it.

God I just noticed there, how many times can I say "slightly" in the one post?!

Other work news, we made our Elvin Beta V3.0 release today, wohoo!