Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Other Words

I visited the Glucksmann current exhibition "In other words" at the recommendation of my friend Lauren Baylor.

Language and text and their construed meanings are the central theme of the exhibition. The works explore both the subjectivity and objectivity of text, abstracting that most defined of human expression. Micheal Stumpf's sculptures (photographed here) were among my favourite work, as was Tim Etchell's "The Future will be confusing" and Kay Rosen's clever and playful paintings exploring the connections between the literal meanings of words and the graphical formation of the words themselves.

Interestingly, the gallery is also exhibiting the Book of Lismore at the moment. While the antiquated rendering of text in the 15th century manuscript is in stark contrast to the thoroughly modern and often witty exploration of language in the In Other Words exhibit, similarities can also be drawn in that in both cases the artists are attempting to push the boundaries of text.

It took me back to the Mira Schendel and León Ferrari exhibit I visited in Madrid last year. That exhibition explored language in a way I had never encountered before and left the viewer with questions relating to the dual nature of human expression in terms of spontaneity and restraint.

If you can't make it there yourself, more photographs are available on the Glucksmann facebook. Some of the photos in this post have been taken from the websites of the artists themselves, namely Kay Rosen, Joseph Noonan Ganley. The Micheal Stumpf image is via artnews.org.

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