Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Electric Picnic Mural

Just found out my poster was shortlisted for the EP poster comp!!! I'm so delighted!

In other EP news, myself and two friends (Deirdre and Lauren) want to put in a proposal to make a mural at the Body & Soul Electric Picnic event this year. I've been working on the design and this is where I am with it.

I've lots of ideas about where to take it, originally I was going to have it very brightly coloured with black outlines, but now I think i'm going to keep it as a line drawing, draw all the lines in different colours and leave a lot of white fill. I think using a lighter hand on it will hopefully leave it more inviting, more open to interpretation and should suit the atmosphere of the Body & Soul area. I took my cue from the Body and Soul website, "an enchanted landscape", in developing this image.

Slightly unrelated, I love how biro scans!

Now in colour, done in illustrator, hopefully we'll get the submission in this week....

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