Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Electric Picnic Comp

I just submitted my entry to the Electric Picnic ad competition, wish me luck!

Seeing as there was so much text that had to be included I decided to make it the main feature. I wanted it to be really colourful and hyper looking. I thought it would be visually interesting to mix the hand-drawn type with the isometric buildings. The three isometric temples represent the hierarchy of acts. I decided to do the names of acts in handwritten font, like the bubble handwriting kids do. The other spin off aspects of EP are represented by smaller isometric blocks. The idea is that it's all connected and it can be either a universe or a tiny microcosm.

EP stipulated the image be submitted in jpg form, which i'm a bit worried makes the colours in such a bright / flat image a bit pixelated and dirty looking. Here it is in .png anyway.

*****edit**** My poster has been shortlisted! Voting tomorrow, i'm so delighted!

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