Monday, March 1, 2010

Mira Schendel + ELVIN Meeting

I'm just back from the ELVIN tech meeting in Madrid, it went well. We're basically designing, developing and piloting a system that uses social networks to teach language, we're at the very start of the project so loads of work to do yet!

Yesterday morning I was lucky enough to have some down time so I went to Reina Sofia, Madrid's modern art museum. It was a great way to spend a morning, stunning building filled with beautiful art. At the moment they have an exhibition of work by Mira Schendel and Leon Ferarri which I LOVED! Here's one of my favourite pieces from it, beautiful sense of light and delicacy, lovely arrangement of shapes/space as well. Letters are fundamentally abstract, but text itself allows very little room for abstraction, ie words have subscribed meanings, the re-abstraction of text here into graphic motifs to create refined and delicate compositions is captivating. It gives me an idea for a new portfolio website, which is typical because I just got a new one up online! It also makes me really want a letraset...

***edit*** Came across this really good post regarding some of the thought processes behind Schendel's work.

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