Sunday, March 26, 2017

Finalised Rainsong (or close to finalised!)


Walking in an ethereal earth
the cause you fell for far too deep
dissipate of any worth
In this ethereal earth
The feeling that you had to keep

For fear, for hesitation
for to save your reservation
Anticipation filled with doubt,
All you have derived
And all you tried to figure out

            In an ethereal world you walk
While someone else is waiting
In the space between two worlds apart
For you to keep your heart.

Rainsong brought him out into the night,
She danced on city river rails and curbs
beneath his skin.

Away from all the indoor lights, howling
deep within, the purple colours of the night
She found him.

Dizzied from the dust, that sparkled from her
breath. Untrembling he touched, a life that
breathed death.

A high hum coming from the sky, unsettled
him again- pulling apart, left standing by although,

She could not wait

Eoin Murray, 2014

I think this is finished! This was an interesting and very long process. it started out as an abstract painting:

The painting was based on Eoin's poem, Rainsong, I worked on it in it's abstract form for a long time before deciding it was finished, but then going over and back about whether or not it really was! I've been doing mainly portraiture the last while, and after seeing an image on Instagram which set off another image in my own mind, I started experimenting with it in Photoshop, layering over many different photographs before I found one that I felt really worked. I created a photoshop painting of this photo, to bring the painterly feel into it, and then got it printed onto canvas. I wasn't happy at all with the canvas print however! The colours were completely washed out, so I worked back into it with oils and gave it the vibrancy I first wanted. I'm happy with it now, and it's strange developing a new process, it gives me a lot to think about!

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