Wednesday, June 8, 2016

InSitu 2016

In January of this year I joined Over The Line Studios. It's my first time having a studio and I LOVE IT!! It's so motivating being part of a creative community. The studio is over Glenline Fitted Furniture on the North Ring Road and we recently had our first show, InSitu, in that location. Again I was delighted to be involved and found the whole process very engaging. Here are some pictures of my work...

I feel very lucky to be part of the studio. The other artists are all so inspiring and have been teaching me so much! Here is some of their great work...

Dervla Baker

Judy Fisher

Martha Cashman

JP LeVillain

Yestin Reboul

Allie Glynn

Clara Griffin

Caireann Browne

Andrew Whitelaw

Jennifer Aherne

Louisa Sloan

John Dwyer

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