Sunday, December 29, 2013

Giorgia Lupi and Accurat

I read this amazing interview with Giorgia Lupi today via I've always been interested in information deisgn and her work is BEAUTIFUL! So stunning. To me they manage to appear historical, modern and science-fictional all at the same time. I love her colour palettes. She also has some brilliant thoughts on drawing that are useful to reflect on in any discipline. I think i'll bring them in to my students:

"I use drawing as a primary form of understanding reality and expressing thoughts and ideas. this is also very related to what I just said in relation to the previous question: the very act of drawing, of reproducing reality and thus focusing on the things we like and notice definitely helps to introduce what I would call ‘a level of abstraction’ that helps to translate the things we like into clues for our designs. since drawing can mediate between perception and reflection, it plays a constitutive role in the production and communication of knowledge, and from my perspective, the genesis of ideas is often directly connected with graphical thinking."

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