Saturday, October 12, 2013

Linsey Levendall

Just came across the work of Linsey Levendall on the amazing blog

While i'm a long-time admirer of his studio, Bison, it's my first time seeing his solo work, it's AMAZING. Such incredible detail, and it's all hand-drawn. He provides us with a really insightful bio on his Behance site:

Linsey is a self-developed multidisciplinary creative originally from the Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa but now living with his wife and two dogs in a small town in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. He works closely withThe Black Heart Gang and Shy The Sun as a conceptual designer on groundbreaking animation for both the local and international market. He also makes up one half of the duo Bison.

In his spare time, Linsey compulsively illustrates in various mediums for both business (on freelance projects) and pleasure. He says his intricately executed and seemingly disturbing work is driven by a need to be in sync with his subconscious thoughts and dreams.

Linsey defines his work as being engaging decadence ,mildly trippy and takes great joy in entertaining the viewer with obscure controlled chaotic worlds and strangely interesting and complex characters. While his skill lies in his versatility and ability to adapt to various styles, he finds himself mostly drawn to Cubism, Surrealism and Pop Surrealism. In his work he aims to stay open to evolving and preserving unconventional thinking.

He has some amazing photos on his Instagram as well.

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