Saturday, January 8, 2011

Full Circle Exhibition

I went to the final evening of the Full Circle exhibition in the Wandesford gallery today. Organised by Noeleen Doheny, the exhibition was a response to a brief given 8 years ago, the dreaded "Black Squares Project" (just as ominous as it sounds!).

Spurred on by stories of former classmates losing their jobs in the well-documented "current crisis" in Ireland, Noeleen organised the exhibition both as a tool for self-promotion for the designers involved and as a morale boost at a time when jobs are scarce on the ground.

The exhibition had some really interesting work, my favourite posted here - Noeleen's playful and crafty response to the old nightmare brief. I think it's the first purely graphic design exhibition i've gone to in Cork, it would be great if this was the beginning of more such exhibitions!

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