Friday, March 7, 2008

Recruiting! + International Women's Day

So i'm involved in organising Ladyfest Cork 2008 (wooo!!) it's kind of taking over my life at the moment, but we'll be really proud when it's all happening (or maybe after it all happens... when we're over the stress!) It's coming together really quickly, but there's still a scary amount to do!

We'll be at the Unitarian Church this Saturday as part of an International Women's day celebration, a day of fun things! We're going to be having a cd make n' do (as inspired by Magical Girl!), giving people information on Ladyfest Cork & pushing for volunteers for the festival.

Here's a poster I did for it anyway. I think the arm is a bit wonky in it, there's something a bit awkward about her pose, I like the rest though

Should be a fun day, i'm there from 1 - 5, i'll be doing a vox pop on feminism for Deirdre, to use in a radio show with Cillian on Wednesday night (eek!) as well as wandering around looking at the other stalls, hopefully getting to go to some of the workshops & meeting loads of interesting women who are into their own activism. Yay!

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