Thursday, March 8, 2012

Interiors / Exteriors

We started a new project in college last week based on interiors and exteriors. I'm currently working on three ideas that represent different types of structures / dwellings in towns, suburbs and cities. I want to simplify down the shapes as much as possible and try to communicate their various characteristics as I see them through simple form and colour.

I've been researching other ceramic work that seems to me to explore interior / exterior space and how it's delineated. As usual there seems to be huge visual discrepancies between the work i'm drawn to! Here i've featured Isamu Noguchi, Susan Clusener and Masamichi Yoshikawa. I especially love Isamu Noguchi, there's something really special about his work. I had the opportunity to visit his sculpture garden in New York in 2004 and his work has stayed with me since.

Pics via mondo-blogo, Susan Clusener, Beaux Arts Bath and Drouot.

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