Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arts, Participation and Development Exhibition!

We exhibited our projects for the Special Award in Arts, Participation and Development the first weekend in May. The course was developed and run by Mayfield Community Arts, a progressive and innovative community arts centre based in Cork. It was such a pleasure taking part in the course, it was very energising to learn new ways to use art as a medium for social change and to meet so many people with the focus and positivity to pursue that end!

Our own project
dealt with Social Inclusion. We delivered workshops to digital media students in the Digital Hub. We developed the workshop specifically for the students, exploring social inclusion issues alongside story telling and character development techniques.

The workshop is documented on our Flickr account, a resource pack to allow anyone deliver the workshop is available at Check out the course website for info on the other projects.

Below is a print from Tom Doig which was also exhibited as part of a series of work produced within the course. I love it!

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