Saturday, January 16, 2010

SEI Calculator Icons

So it's been a very busy Saturday, i've just finished a set of user interface icons for a Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) online application. Basically the application involves developing a calculator for homeowners to assess the cost of replacing their carbon fuel energy supplies with solar power. The icons were intended to represent a set of variables. The homeowner will input his / her specific details and based on these variables, the application will calculate the initial cost of installing a solar panel, how much money this will save the homeowner per year, how many years it will take for the solar panel to have paid for itself, and how much of their carbon footprint they can hope to offset. A pretty good idea all in all!

SEI supplied me with their colour palette and inhouse branding documentation. The palette is really vibrant and varied in tone, which I was very happy with! My work tends to be colourful anyway if I can help it! Each icon uses one of the SEI colour palette options.

Now, have to go pack to travel to the ELVIN kick off meeting tomorrow, another post on that soon!

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